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Acura Costs Limited offers a professional service to our clients, whether acting as an extension to their departments, or legal teams, or as an independent unit.  We have a team of highly experienced Costs Lawyers and we offer a wide range of services, both routine and specialist, ranging from preparation of Bill of Costs, Points of Dispute, Replies etc., to the conduct of substantial costs assessments.  We also provide specialist services relating to Costs Budgets and Costs Auditing.

Routine Services

  • Bills of Costs
  • Points of Dispute
  • Replies
  • Statements of Costs
  • Costs Estimates
  • Advice
  • Negotiations
  • Assessments
  • Solicitor and own client
  • Advocacy 

Specialist Services


Acura Costs Limited prepare and monitor Costs Budgets as required by the Civil Procedure Rules for both Claimants and Defendants and if required, we will also monitor those Budgets during the life of the litigation and liaise with clients on matters arising to ensure that specific phases of work are kept within budget and, if necessary, advise in relation to Applications to vary any agreed/approved Budgets.


In the current climate of financial instability and austerity, the ability to control and monitor expenditure is important to us all. Recognising the need for prudence in the legal market, Acura Costs Limited provides a niche service to buyers of legal services, both nationally and internationally, including the insurance market, P & I Clubs, private companies, corporations, and the banking industry.

We aim to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from your legal team in a cost efficient and proportionate manner and have the ability to forward plan, and retrospectively review, your legal fees and services.  Acura Costs Limited provides a seamless service between you the client, and your legal services provider. We  review and monitor the legal fees being incurred so as to ensure that you are always aware of your actual and potential costs liability.